WP Plugins That Every Affiliate Marketer Should Have

Promoting other people’s products is one the easiest and most beneficial ways to make money on the internet. There are hundreds of different affiliate programs and most of them offer generous commissions to their affiliates. All you need to do is recommend the products to your online audience. There are many plugins that can make the job easier for you.

Following are the top three WordPress plugins that every serious affiliate marketer should have:

Pretty Link Pro

If you are an experienced marketer then you must be familiar with the idea of link cloaking. Search engines, especially Google, frown upon affiliate sites with little or no quality content. That is why hiding affiliate links is very important. Furthermore, cloaking also increases click through rates.

There are dozens of different plugins that deal with this issue but Pretty Link Pro is the most powerful one. You can choose from 5 different redirection techniques including 301, 302 redirection, meta refresh and Javascript. It also comes with a built-in stat counter that can be used to analyze performance of each link.

WordPress Automatic Plugin

This nifty plugin finds products related to the provided keywords and posts them on your site with your affiliate link. It can also be used to create profitable auto-blogs and niche sites. Just provide it a set of keywords and it will automatically start pulling content from various article directories like Article Base.

Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer

If you are a member of Amazon Associates then you must install this plugin. It has some amazing features that can’t be found in any other script or plugin.

To get the affiliate link for an Amazon product, you are supposed to login to your affiliate account, search for the product and then generate the link. This plugin does all this stuff automatically. You can create affiliate links from your WordPress dashboard. This can save you a lot of time and energy.

Hopefully these plugins will help you earn more from your WordPress site. If you know of any other plugins then please leave a comment.