The Best WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Marketers

With ever increasing interest in the WordPress, it’s natural that millions of affiliate marketers have started using it to create affiliate marketing websites in any easy way. Probably one of the most used features of WordPress is its plugins that help affiliate marketers in extending its functionality, marketing campaigns, SEO, etc to the website.

When used in conjunction with premium wordpress themes these plugins can prove extremely helpful. Before buying a theme you should make sure that it is relevant to your niche. For instance if you want to promote products relevant to food then you should search for wordpress restaurant themes.

The following is a list of best WordPress plugins for affiliate marketers:

– StudioPress Simple URL Plugin-This plugin can be used to shorten ugly looking long affiliate links. This plugin takes long and ugly URLs and easily shortens them into manageable small links. It also offers ability to track each of these links individually to enable affiliate marketers to test the effectiveness of click through and content.

– SEO Smart Links-One of the best WordPress plugins for affiliate marketers, it helps you in creating multiple affiliate links across your WordPress website within minutes. For instance, if you are interested in promoting a weight loss ebook, you can use this plugin to ensure that each time there is a word “weight loss” in your blog, it automatically links to this ebook with your affiliate link. This helps you in peppering your blog with affiliate links, which will help you in generating additional money in autopilot.

– Popup Domination Plugin-This plugin can be helpful if you want to build your email list fast. You have to simply create a design and add some content, and this plugin will do the rest by creating a unit lightbox popup that is stealthy and sleek allowing your users to view without annoying them like other popups.

– Clickbank Plugin-Everybody knows that Clickbank is one of the best affiliate programs that pays tons of money to affiliates every month. Do you know that now you can automatically add various affiliate adverts for all related Clickbank products to your WordPress websites?

By installing this plugin, all your products will appear on your blog without any need for complicated coding. With just handful if Clickbank sales every month, you can easily outdo your AdSense earnings.

– SEO Made Simple Plugin-Now you can easily create effective SEO campaigns with the help of this plugin. This plugin allows you to creating effective SEO campaigns making you more visible on top search engines. You can see the kind of language people use when searching for informing concerning your website topic, or your services or products. You can also uncover phrases and keywords right within your content. You can also build back links and find most active social media users.

– Amazon Showcase-This WordPress plugin allows affiliates to display all related products from Amazon on their blog. Although Amazon offers miniscule commission on its products, still are two benefits of using this website. First, it is best at turning simple browsers into buyers so you’d have a great signup rate. Second, they’d stopped PPC affiliates promoting their affiliate programs, so now there is far less competition on the market.

– Gravity Forms Plugin-This is highly useful and one of the best WordPress plugins for affiliate marketers that allows them to create their own clean usable forms within seconds.