Maintain Your SE Ranking With A Responsive WP Theme

In the past few years mobile Google Searches have absolutely skyrocketed, and this is all because of the growing popularity of smartphones. The majority of people now have the ability to access the internet and Google on the go, and all they have to do is pull a small device out of their pockets. More people are actually using their cellphones to perform Google Searches than laptops, tablets, and desktop computers throughout the day. This basically means that most people are using their phones when they’re out and about in the world when they don’t have a computer easily accessible or nearby. So, why is this little fact of any importance? Because newer site creators aren’t aware that they need to account for this type of thing when choosing a theme and creating a website.

Mobile and desktops versions of the same website aren’t always the same. In a lot of cases, mobile versions of a website almost cease to exist at all. If your website’s theme isn’t responsive, there’s a very good chance it’s going to end up in that group of sites. Responsive themes make your website look great regardless of the device that it’s currently being viewed on. When a theme isn’t responsive, site viewers tend to have to scroll and zoom an insane amount of times on mobile devices, and sometimes certain parts of your website won’t even show up. Google has even recently caught on to this and has begun to rid its search results of these mobile aggravations. Nowadays, a responsive website is a happy website whereas an unresponsive website barely exists.