How to Make Money from a Forum?

It is quite easy to setup a forum but monetizing it can be very difficult. If you own a community website and are struggling to make money then this post has been written for you. Here we will have a look at some simple ways to earn revenues.


Google’s Adsense is the number one pay-per-click program on the internet. It works particularly well on content-rich websites like forums and article directories. To get started all you need to do is insert the ad code in your pages. Google has a special heatmap that shows which spots get the most attention on a forum. Placing some ads in these spots is very beneficial.

Selling Ad Space

Sometimes it is a good idea to rent out ad spots. The easiest way to do so is to join a network like Buy Sell Ads. Alternatively you can cut out the middle man an purchase an ad management script. My favorite one is OIO Publisher. It integrates with all kinds of websites including forums. But before purchasing this script you should think twice because finding advertisers can be really difficult.

In-text Advertising

In-text ads work just like pay-per-click ads but they don’t take up any space on your pages. Keywords within your content are replaced with unobtrusive ads. These programs don’t pay as much as Adsense but they can bring in a few extra bucks each month. Plus you can place these ads along with your regular ad blocks.

Email Marketing

Promoting third-party products via email is a tried and tested way to make money. Most forum scripts allow you to send emails to all your members at once. This feature can be invaluable for making money. If your script doesn’t have this feature, don’t worry because there are many services that are targeted towards professional email marketers. The most popular one is Aweber.

There are literally hundreds of other monetization methods but all of them can’t be mentioned here. With a little research you can establish multiple revenue streams.