3 Common WordPress Mistakes to Avoid

Most people who want to maintain their own blog without any restrictions end up going with the self-hosted version of WordPress. The primary focus of these people is to get things running as soon as possible. In this hurry, a few things might get ignored and this may further affect your site or blog in the long run.

As Oscar Wilde says – “Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes”. Everyone can learn from their own mistakes, but learning from the mistakes of others is a much better option. Here, we have shared 3 of the most common WordPress mistakes which most users are prone to making and which you can avoid by going through this guide.

1. Hard coding all the stuff

In order to customize the appearance and behavior of their sites, many users hard code snippets and CSS styles into the theme. This might create hardships while managing and moving your blog later on. Also, all your changes will be lost when you update the theme. It also defeats the purpose of read-made WordPress themes. If you want to customize a particular theme, try doing so using the control panel provided by the theme. If a control panel isn’t available then try to create a child theme.

2. Not disabling directory browsing

Directory browsing allows the users to browse through the contents of the folders and sub-folders on your web server. Try disabling the directory browsing option as a precautionary measure. Addressing this vulnerability is very important for increasing the security of your site/blog.

3. Not providing a sharing function

With the increasing spread of social media, providing a sharing function on your site is very important. Having a more obvious sharing function with a dedicated floating share bar attracts the users to use these functions.

The process of learning and mastering WordPress is a lengthy and enriching experience. I hope that this guide will help you in avoiding the common mistakes and make your WordPress experience better and safer.